Extraordinary Rélauxe Experience

Our Vision

From Grasse to London our expertly perfumed candles offer a life-time refill service, creating extraordinary home fragrance experiences that can last forever. At Rélauxe our vision is to re-invent contemporary home decor and luxurious scents, inspired by travel and nature. While leading the way in sustainability as a socially and environmentally mindful luxury brand. Our perfumed candles are created using carefully selected blends of essential ingredients inspired by the true scents of nature. Each home fragrance is captured inside a contemporary natural wood object, and is handcrafted in our artisan workshops using the best quality materials. Our products are all finished by hand in London.

Our Story

After many years living and working in the busy city of London, our corporate jobs dominated our lives. We had little time to rest and our vacations just didn’t seem to last long enough! To help us unwind and find that ‘me time’ at home, we would often burn one of our favorite scented candles that reminded us of our trips around the world.

Although the candles we burned were great, like our vacations they just didn’t last long enough! We would burn scents that reminded us of our vacations around the world; Europe, the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia in particular. Burning these scents helped us unwind, gather our thoughts and refocus our energy on the new and exciting day ahead.

In order to create Rélauxe it was important for us to use only the best possible materials and ingredients, and create fragrance journeys that are long-lasting and as sustainable.

Essence experiences that would support well-being by stimulating our emotions through perfume, and in turn calm our senses and help us to relax. We wanted to replicate that feeling of world travel, through our collection and make that experience last forever! 

6 months later Rélauxe was born, and our Essence of Nature collection was shared with the world.


We loved the idea of an ever-lasting candle experience at home, but the main purpose of a scented candle is the aroma, and how the aroma makes you feel.

We knew that this would play a huge part in the development of Rélauxe, and that’s when we starting thinking more about our personal relaxation experiences in different locations around the world.

Relaxation instantly reminds us of our trips to South East Asia, and in particular the natural scents of earth and exotic flowers in the untouched rain forests of Thailand. Other memories were the enchanting aromas of oud wood in the Middle East, the joyful scents of cinnamon and orange blossom in Northern Africa, and the fresh and fragrant streams, rivers and wild flowers across Western Europe.

Back in London we tried everything to find an authentic aroma that can effortlessly fill a room with essence to enhance our time for relaxation. Some experiences were close, but it was not quite how we remembered it. Something was missing! 


South East Asia is a special place for us. In particular are the isolated and white-sand beaches of the Philippines, and the rich, tropical rain forests of southern Thailand. Visiting these tranquil locations opened our eyes and minds to a more natural and sustainable way of living. Surrounded by untouched nature, vibrant colours, and pure sea air we began to fall in love with the feeling of having a clear mind, a rested body and a sense of sanctuary with nature.

Sustainability Commitment

Something that really stood out to us throughout our trips together, was the local efforts made to preserve the habitats of wildlife and offer protection to their breathtaking natural environments. We knew that if we were ever to create Rélauxe, our footprint must be as minimal as possible.

We only produce small batches for a limited period, each refillable and exceptionally crafted. 

Charity Work

Rélauxe is currently reviewing and finalising a charity partner and will share more information on this very soon.

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Thank you

A special thank you to those who have supported us throughout our journey so far, and helped us bring Rélauxe to life. We are forever grateful, and cannot wait to share our extraordinary essence experiences with you.

- Rélauxe