The Art of Burning

To fully enjoy your candle and keep its aesthetic intact, there is a burning ritual to carry out. In order to guarantee optimal use, Rélauxe recommends that you follow the safety instructions and always keep your candle under surveillance.

Before Burning

Trim the wicks regularly. They should not exceed 0.6cm.

During Burning

Wait until the whole surface becomes liquid before putting out your candle, and never exceed one hour of burning once the whole surface is liquid. A candle that burns for too long may overheat and result in a candle fire. Never burn the last 1cm of wax to avoid flames burning against the glass. A flame burning against the glass may cause the glass to break.

After Burning

Before the wax becomes totally solid, reposition the wicks vertically, and to their initial place. Regularly clean the inside of the candle to avoid the appearance of soot.

Candle Safety

Important. Not following the safety instructions may result in a fire or physical harm.

  • Burn within sight.
  • Keep away from things flammable.
  • Keep away from children and pets.
  • Always leave at least 20cm (8 inches) between burning candles.
  • Do not place candles near a source of heat.
  • Place candles on a heat resistant surface.
  • To reduce sooting, you should trim the wick to 0,6cm each time the candle is to be relit.
  • Avoid using in areas where there is a draft.
  • Keep the wax pool free of wick trimmings, matches and debris at all times. Extinguish the candle if: it lets out smoke, flickers repeatedly, the flame becomes too high or when there is only 1cm of wax left.
  • Based on a typical 5-7 hours burn time per ounce for large candles, Rélauxe Essence of Nature candles burn on average 60-65 hours. Our candles are advised at up to 60hrs burn time per candle, based on our 650g measurements. This can very and should be used as a guide only.