Refill | Cédre Thé Vert
Refill | Cédre Thé Vert
Refill | Cédre Thé Vert
Refill | Cédre Thé Vert

Refill | Cédre Thé Vert

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Cédre Thé Vert | Perfumed Candle Refill

Inspired by aromas of Northern Africa, Cédre Thé Vert is enchantingly calming with notes of fresh lemon and ginger. Awaken your senses with extracts of jasmine, cedar wood, Moroccan rose and black musk. Created by expert perfumers, the candle’s aroma conjures majestic scenes from across Northern Africa, where the Sahara Desert and the Souk meet historic architecture, and ancient cultures. 

Lemon Zest and Ginger – Used in aromatherapy to energize and awaken the senses with a natural zesty scent.  

Jasmine  – Softly aromatic, Jasmine is used to improve mood and increase romantic and positive feelings.

Rose – A floral and sensual scent that naturally calms the body with therapeutic and relaxing benefits.    

Using only the finest blends of specially created perfumes and essential oils, Essence of Nature is an extraordinary experience of natural raw essences and contemporary home decor. Detox your mind and discover the Spirit of Travel with Rélauxe.   

Detailed Features

  • Perfumed white wax candle 
  • 650g
  • Up to 65 hour burn time
  • Mouth-blown glass vessel 
  • Main notes: lemon, ginger, jasmine, rose, cedar wood and black musk
  • Double Egyptian cotton wick
  • Made in Belgium
  • After each use, we recommend trimming the wick to a length of approximately 6 mm/0.25 inches in order to ensure optimal burning on subsequent use.

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